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VMware aiming to get channel to sell beyond vSphere

As it looks to transition its business into high growth areas VMware is encouraging partners to embrace the full breadth of its product range

The word 'transition' is possibly at risk of being overused in the channel as it gets regularly applied to what is happening in the reseller, distributor, vendor and user communities.

Although it undoubtedly presents opportunities it also comes with its challenges and is adding some pressure on resellers to keep an eye on just where their suppliers are going.

To borrow their own theatrical metaphor, VMware describes itself as having completed the first act, where is helped virtualise the compute layer and is now taking to the stage for Act two.

The second act will put its networking and storage virtualisation technology in the spotlight along with its public cloud offering and aim the company squarely at the growth areas in the market.

The chance for other areas of the computing infrastructure to get the VMware treatment should keep the performance, which in the most recent fourth quarter results delivered a 13% year-on-year growth, going and will lead to a slightly different audience getting a chance to shuffle into the stalls.

"We continue our transition. We are very well known for vSphere and virtualising the compute layer. what is Act 2 for VMware? It is virtualising all the other tiers: storage, networking, work station management tools for both on-premise and cloud and public cloud with vCloud," said Phil Croxford, director, alliances & channels, UK & Ireland at VMware.

Technology areas that will be pushed fairly hard in 2016 will include the NSX, networking and security product, along with the Virtual SAN, which is at the heart of the firm's hyper converged solutions.  

There will also be more education of the public cloud options presented by vCloud and the venmdorn is highlighting how it can help with the move away from perpetual licensing to subscription services.

Ideally Croxford would like to see all of its existing partners take advantage of the extended product range but inevitably some will not and others will come on board that bring storage, networking and security expertise.

"We have done a lot of work defining what our idea partner looks like," and he added "We are investing to bring our partners with us into this Act 2."

As well as encouraging partners to embrace more of the current portfolio there are bound to be further opportunities once the EMC sale to Dell is concluded.

The reaction from partners so far has been positive with many looking to add Dell hardware if that has been absent from their line-up in the past.

"Dell has been a very strong VMware partner so we have already been working with Dell and its channel," said Croxford.

Harvey Smith, manager, UK & I partner team, said that it had always worked with a number of partners and even after the Dell deal it would continue to follow that policy.

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