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Nimble Storage uses latest hardware launch to talk software

Nimble Storage might not be known for its software but it is looking to change that with its latest product launch

Nimble Storage is setting out to use its latest flash hardware launch to bang the drum over its software expertise and get its channel highlighting a lesser known part of its business.

The storage player has just launched its family of Predictive All Flash arrays, which promise to deliver lower TCO and deliver better performance than similar offerings from the competition.

but where the channel can add some meat to the pitch is around the software that comes included in the box, which can add a great deal of value for the user.

Nimble has developed its own predictive analytics tool, InfoSight, to help improve the performance of the apps infrastructure that will be interacting with the array. It also offers its SmartSnap and SmartReplicate backup and restore products along with SmartSecure, which provides data encryption.

The reason for making such a big thing about the software is that the firm's own numbers show that moving a business to flash can improve just shy of half of the performance issues. The other slowdowns come in the gap between the applications and the storage layer.

Using predictive analytics it should be possible to head off some of the bottlenecks before they hit performance and make sure the user feels the benefits of having gone for the faster flash storage.

Gavin Cohen, senior director of strategy and market development at Nimble Storage, said that it was aiming to use the latest release to highlight just what it could offer to the market and the channel.

"All of our customers know about it but we have never in the past marketed it very effectively. One of the goals of this launch is to bring out some of these things," he said.

He added that its existing partner base already understood the value that the software could add to the sale: "If you look at out channel in the UK we have some exceptionally talented partners."

As well as highlighting its software credentials Nimble is also hoping that its persuasive TCO arguments will widen its customer base.

"Everybody wants flash because it is a compelling technology, but it an be more expensive so cost is a key consideration," he said.

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