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Avnet Introduces FSA One Frameworks in EMEA

Channel partners in EMEA will soon have access to new FlexPod offering, designed to streamline sales process

Avnet today announced a new converged infrastructure offering, developed in conjunction with Cisco and NetApp.

The FSA (FlexPod Services by Avnet) One Frameworks is built on the back of FlexPod, a converged infrastructure solution that combines Cisco servers and switches with NetApp FAS storage arrays. Avnet says that the new solution is designed to deliver streamlined and accelerated quoting and shipping of pre-validated, pre-integrated FlexPod configurations. 

Channel partners can expect to see faster and simpler sales motion, quoting and shipping. The distributor says that some partners have, on occasion, struggled with getting registration with either Cisco or NetApp. FSA One Frameworks eliminates this hurdle, with whole stack registration for partners. 

From a customer perspective, the value prop is pretty much the same as FlexPod; however, Avnet says that risk is further reduced due to pre-validated architectures.

“FSA One Frameworks will be a real boost to Avnet’s partners in terms of delivery and positive customer experience,” said Marcus Adae, vice president core suppliers and technology groups, Avnet Technology Solutions, EMEA. “It is a unique new way to take FlexPod to market and for our partners to carry out a faster and easier sales process. We are pleased to be associated with this new offering.” 

Patrick Schmidt, managing director, Cisco Data Center & Virtualisation EMEAR, added: “FSA One Frameworks is the latest example of how Cisco and Avnet are consistently delivering value to the IT channel through our ongoing collaboration,” commented. “FSA One makes it easier than ever to quote, ship and deploy FlexPods, resulting in a faster time to revenue for channel partners and a faster time to value for their customers.”

FlexPod celebrated its fifth anniversary in October of last year. Cisco and NetApp revealed that over the five year timespan, the joint venture had pulled in shared revenues of $5.6bn and had more than 6,300 customers worldwide.

FSA One Frameworks will be generally available to partners in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and UK, from March 2016.

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