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Avnet hands resellers training revenue opportunities

The distributor has set up its TrainingNow programme to provide resellers with additional sources of income

The topic of IT skills shortages is never far from the headlines at the moment as a result of the increasing competition for the limited number of good people out in the labour pool.

Many answers have been suggested to help ease the problem, from better education in schools to more apprenticeships, and the channel has also done it part to tackle the issue.

Avnet is cutting the ribbon on its TrainingNow UK operation, which will give resellers the chance to pitch more services at customers and gain additional revenue.

The distributor has come up with two options for partners with thew first allowing selection from a menu of available courses and the second is for the reseller to outsource the running of a scheme to the distie

Avnet has been delivering training for years and offers around 1,200 sessions every year at training centres based around the UK.

For customers the skills issue is something that they are going to have to get help with from somewhere so it makes sense for that to be the partner that provided them with the technology.

“Supporting the partner community is our top priority, whether that’s helping them to explore new revenue streams or finding simpler ways to do business. Many partners shy away from selling training because they don’t have the time to invest in it,” said Richard Whitson, Academy business development manager, Avnet Technology Solutions, UK.

“By incorporating training into their value proposition, business partners can expect to enjoy enhanced margins, raising overall solution profitability and making a substantial, positive impact on their bottom line,” he added.

The evidence of the impact of the lack of digital skills continues to pile up with independent trade association Manchester Digital revealing that because the qualified experts were not on hand £50,000 of new business over the past year was turned down.

Katie Gallagher, managing director at Manchester Digital, said: “The results of our digital skills audit revealed a number of issues we continue to face year on year – and unsurprisingly, many of those shortcomings are related to talent, or lack of.”

“While not as many businesses turned down work due to lack of talent last year, 37% still did – a figure that can’t be ignored. The digital industry is booming, but now it’s absolutely critical that we develop and nurture the next generation of talent, in order to support the sheer amount of work our businesses are having to cope with,” she added.

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