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ShoreTel taking out cloud message to existing base

ShoreTel has identified plenty of its existing customers that want help from the channel in making a move towards the cloud

With many customers deciding that this is the year they get on with transforming more parts of their business to run digitally ShoreTel is urging its partners to start focusing on existing relationships to see where the chances are for helping users upgrade their systems.

The firm has been plugging away on the UC and call centre front and encouraging more of its customer base to move towards the cloud.

That opportunity continues to be a major one, according to the vendor's CMO Mark Roberts, who is witnessing more companies plan to move away from their existing on-premise solutions.

"Typically a company no longer wants just on premise and will have started to shift towards the cloud," he added "We are looking at our existing base and there is a number that is yet to move to cloud and we want to make that easier for them."

"There is quite a big opportunity there and it is very clear that this is about the mid-market," he added that there were several pluses for those users that stuck with ShoreTel because they already had a relationship with the vendor.

"We are a known quantity and from a financial perspective are much lower risk [than a start-up rival] and there is a lower customer acquisition cost," said Roberts.

As well as trying to encourage the existing customer base to get involved with digital transformation the other theme of the current market was for larger deals in the mid-market.

In its most recent set of results, that came out last week, the cloud was one of the main talking points with Don Joos, president and CEO of ShoreTel, able to talk of its strategy to push for more business in that space paying off. Revenues were flat for Q2 at $90.4m but net income improved from $5.4m to $6.7m for the three months ended 31 December.

“With the ShoreTel Connect platform launched, we gained momentum with customers as our pipeline of cloud opportunities expanded, our channel partners contributed a historically high portion of our cloud bookings and we announced two acquisitions to accelerate our cloud business. While executing these strategic objectives, we generated solid profitability," he said.

ShoreTel will also be looking to reap the benefits of its recent purchase of cloud comms specialist Corvisa, which came with a UK data centre to help underpin the drive towards more customers being in a hosted environment.

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