Channel looking for staff as workers plan to make changes

Resellers are starting to indicate they want to bring on fresh talent to drive growth at a moment when some workers are considering their own futures

Those looking for signs that the channel is planning an ambitious and successful year need only look at the announcements that are starting to come out from resellers around acquisitions and recruitment plans.

At the half way stage of the first working week of the New Year there have been resellers stating that they will both buy and hire as they look for growth in 2016.

For those looking for optimistic signs there have already been quite a few with Chess Telecom and Apogee stating an ambition to acquire this year and Shift F7 and CCL Group also revealing recruitment plans.

"Not only are we responding to market demand, but investing in new skills in order to broaden and deepen our service offering. We are especially pleased to have so many openings for graduates, who will become the next generation of Digital Forensics specialists, an industry that we are proud to be the UKs largest provider of," said Jon Blows, CEO of the CCL Group.

The cyber security specialist is planning to increase headcount by 20%, to take it beyond the 150 staffing level, adding bodies to both its Stratford upon Avon HQ and a recently opened office in London.

Just before the year closed Advanced Computer Software Group revealed that it was opening two new offices near Heathrow airport and Birmingham city centre and it wanted to recruit 1,000 staff in the next 18 months.

“Our investment in these new cutting edge facilities is part of a major recruitment drive, which will see the business grow by a third. It is also part of our wider strategy to foster more collaborative working, while further driving expansion," said Gordon Wilson, CEO, Advanced Computer Software Group.

Underneath all of the pronouncements is a desire to grow the business at a time when most customers are looking for help digitising more of their business activities.

Finding fresh talent might not be as much of a struggle as it has been in 2015 with Investors in People revealing that around half of the workforce is planning to change jobs this year.

Some of the reasons for the exodus include perceived lack of career prospects and moans about current levels of pay.

Paul Devoy, head of Investors in People, said that there were also problems with leadership with some staff feeling that they were not getting the direction they would like.

“Longstanding issues around poor management and how valued people feel in their work continue to make UK workers miserable," he said.

"If employers addressed these factors, they would have a more committed workforce and far fewer resources tied up in constant recruitment drives," he added “As the economy improves, many employers run the risk of losing their valuable, skilled staff.”

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