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Dell puts partners at the top of his New Year's resolutions

Michael Dell has shared his resolutions for the year ahead and they include some thoughts about the channel

At this time of year most people start to consider making some resolutions to provide some framework for the 12 months ahead with the aim of leading a better life.

Plans to quit smoking, lose weight and maybe get round to learning how to play the guitar are all admirable but not anywhere near the sorts of resolutions that Michael Dell has in mind.

The CEO of Dell put out the resolutions he wants to fire up partners with in an open letter and just like the plans we all make they are fairly grand.

The first is to put partners and customers, "at the core of everything we do". That should be an achievable aim with the firm now enjoying more than 40% of its revenues from the channel.

In Europe that figure is even higher with around 70% of enterprise sales now coming through the channel. Since the vendor turned back to the an indirect model eight years ago it has grown its reseller and distribution base and has done much to get the support of its partners.

The second resolution is to "accelerate innovation". A lot of that should be taken care of with the EMC acquisition, which is on course to complete in 2016.

"Combining Dell and EMC means uniting some of the best minds in the industry and pushing ourselves to develop stronger, more powerful, more innovative solutions for your business. We will implement an innovation strategy for each business that will allow it to reach its full potential. Together, Dell and EMC will place a premium on innovation and R&D, and world-class partnerships to help you achieve your dreams," wrote Dell in an open letter to partners.

The third resolution is perhaps the one that is going to be harder to pin down as Dell wants to "create a future where we can do incredible things".

It all depends on the definition of "incredible things" but it probably involves developing the joint Dell/EMC portfolio as well as getting the products in front of more customers.

"Today, Dell is the only provider of end-to-end IT solutions and is gaining share across core sectors outpacing the market, and financially strong. This trajectory will continue with the integration of EMC’s assets. In the future, our technology will create jobs, hope and opportunities on a global scale. The possibilities are limitless," stated Michael Dell.

"This is our time to accelerate the development of groundbreaking new technologies that will support you in a connected world that is ripe with opportunity and disruption. We believe that a strategically-aligned family of businesses will be the best structure to remain nimble, innovative, and maintain the independent partner ecosystems of Dell, EMC, VMware, VCE, Virtustream, RSA, Pivotal and the balance of the Dell and EMC companies," he added.

With the EMC deal it should be a fairly busy year for Dell 2016 but it is encouraging to see that partners remain top of the list in the CEO's thinking.

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