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Romonet gearing up for increasing channel opportunity

The increasing number of firms that want visibility of their data costs is increasing and should translate into more business for Romonet's channel partners

When data centres first started to spring up the costing was often done on a capacity basis or some sort of per user package that was designed to be attractive to those looking at their options.

It didn’t take too long before some providers started to realise that a one cost fits all model was not working as some users started to rack up the usage at the same cost as those that had fairly static requirements.

The result was the emergence of technology that could provide a much clearer picture of the true costs of a data centre. But as one of the leading players in that market Romonet has discovered things do not stop there.  

Questions are increasingly being asked internally in enterprises about why external costs can be so detailed when the impact of a private or hybrid cloud strategy on the bottom line can remain fairly vague.

"From a CIO perspective the pressure continues to mount about where and why capacities will be used to deliver new apps. The business challenges are becoming more and more acute and fairly large enterprise clients are pushing much further and harder," said Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of Romonet.

He added that as those customers wanted to gain a greater insight into how their private and hybrid cloud environments were working there would be a channel opportunity and it had taken steps to strengthen its sales team and make a couple of senior appointments to get the firm ready to ramp up that support.

The firm made four senior appointments last month with Danny Reeves, who was previously CIO at Balfour Beatty, becoming COO; Richard Rowson, who was CFO at Global Switch, taking up the same role at Romonet.

A couple of staff also joined from RF Code, with Richard Jenkins becoming senior vice president of global market and Chad Riesling landing the SVP of global sales role.

"CIOs want to partner with someone who can provide that visibility and one of the only options is to go to one of the IT consultancy businesses that can come up with a baseline," said Limbuwala.

"Next year for us is going to be a significant channel opportunity," he added that he could see the demand from business customers only going in one direction as more looked to get visibility on costs.

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