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NetSuite channel seizing the higher ground

Cloud-based ERP specialist NetSuite has seen its channel move wholeheartedly into enterprise sales

One of the benefits of using the channel is that it is not restricted to growing a vendor's market in just one specific area and given the chance the skills that resellers possess will attract all sorts of customers.

As a result it is perhaps not that surprising to discover that NetSuite has seen some of its channel base start to sell into the enterprise sector as the demand for cloud based business intelligence tools increases.

While the move by some partners into larger accounts is welcome it does pose its own challenges for its EMEA channel director John Campbell as he looks to ensure that not too much of a gap opens up across its channel base.

"In the partner channel from an EMEA perspective what we are seeing is that partners are selling higher value to larger customers. It is a rewarding area to be in and we are seeing partners now having to go out and get the right resources to full support that," he said.

"We have just seen it throughout the company and if you see the most recent financial results you can see that large customers have come on board," he added.

He said that it was good news for those partners with the muscle to be able to invest and benefit from the interest from larger companies and there was the potential next year to accelerate as a result of that business.

NetSuite recently announced plans to open a UK data centre to provide those customers that are worried about where their information resides and Campbell said that it expected to see some more interest from corporates once that facility opened  next year.

"The new datacentres should be early online early next year with customers transferred across and that sets out a big message that NetSuite has been around for a decade with a good pedigree and track record and the odd lingering concern about where the data resides is taken away. We are in Europe so off we go. We are expecting big things around that," he said.

But Campbell was also aware of the dangers for those channel partners that were not able, because of size of constrained resources, to be able to tap into the enterprise business and said it would be keeping an eye on the situation.

"Partners will become busy with projects and they will rise to the top and customers will come to them even though someone else might be just as capable. It is like a full restaurant and an empty one, you tend to go to the fuller restaurant. I see that gap and we are very acutely aware of the profile of the partners we have so we will keep an eye on that," he said.

Another area that the firm will work on next year is to encourage customers to provide feedback around their partners so it can encourage investment in areas that might need improvement.

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