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Ixia turns to smaller events under partner programme changes

Security player Ixia is moving away from large events to provide the channel with more support around smaller specialist trade shows and seminars

A few years ago there were certain events on the channel calendar that had to be attended because of the importance of being seen by customers and the rest of the market.

But these days some of those large events, CeBit and Mobile World Congress spring to mind, are coming under more scrutiny from those vendors that would have previously automatically signed up to exhibit.

They want to be assured that the money is well spent and the leads that are generated are decent ones. In order to get better odds of that happening some are starting to turn to alternatives.

As part of its latest channel programme changes security specialist Ixia has decided that its money is better spent supporting smaller events and activities that have been developed by its partners.

Richard Page, EMEA marketing director at Ixia, said that partners would see a shift in strategy next year with more more specialised events and it would be supporting more digital marketing campaigns.

With some of the funding we are putting that towards running specialist boutique seminars and roadshows. In the first quarter we are working with a partner to run a seminar in the City," he said.

"We are ramping up the whole of the digital side substantially," he added "We haven't dropped out of MWC but we have downsized and are taking a meeting room and having one to one meetings with prospective customers. There are lots of people there from service providers, telcos and customers and we have invited us to meet"

"We found this year that that one to one meetings were very successful and gave us a better return," he added.

Mark Chaplain, VP EMEA for Ixia, said that it had been doing a fair few big events and had decided that it could do things differently.

"The huge events with the large exhibitions don't generate new business so we are trying to do more focused events," he said.

When you have a show that is that big, with 45,000 visitors over seven or eight halls some vendors are spending millions to be there," he added "You could do ten small shows for the same price, that are more focused on security and have a bigger impact."

The Global Solution Provider Program was launched last week and the vendor is working with its distributors across EMEA, with Exclusive Networks in the UK, to increase the support it gives the channel, with training and consulting.

The firm has also started shipping its ThreatARMOR product, which scans IP addresses as traffic comes into and out of the corporate network.

Graham Jones, UK country manager at Exclusive Networks, said that it would provide resellers with another piece of the security jigsaw that would enable them to build a wider solution for the customer.

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