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Channel ending the year full of optimism

Channel organisation CompTIA has found that UK resellers are feeling good about their prospects as they get ready to wrap up this year and enter into 2016

The UK channel is closing out 2015 with a real feeling of optimism about what is to come with many expecting next year to deliver growth.

The preliminary findings from the CompTIA State of the UK Channel Report 2015 rmake enjoyable reading for anyone who survived the dark days of the global recession at the end of the last decade.

Now more than half of the UK channel is optimistic about the future with cloud and managed services being seen as the main drivers for growth.

When MicroScope caught up with Todd Thibodeaux, CEO of CompTIA, at the organisation’s London event last month he said that the channel was the most optimistic he could remember and those that attended the conference were looking forward to 2016.

The full report from CompTIA will be released at the end of the year but before then it has released a taster of what is to come with it clear that the transition in the channel continues.

More than half of channel companies (52%) of now making money from consultancy and those that have invested in cloud are now looking to take their customers into emerging areas to deepen the commitment.

The preliminary results also underlined just how important the skills issue is in the channel with reseller listing training and skilled workers as the priorities if there is going to be an improvement in the current situation.

The latest findings reinforce a survey CompTIA published in May, which found that 86% of firms were being held back because of the level of skills and it was a concern for customers as well as resellers.

The latest survey showed that some of the marketing efforts that were trimmed when times were tough were becoming important again.

The results showed that channel players are looking to increase their marketing budgets and get more creative with the way they sell themselves as part of overall efforts to drive sales going forward.

On the vendor relationship front 90% said that they were satisfied with the way things were going and almost half expected to see a gain in vendor partner programmes in the year ahead.

The main findings around cloud and managed services, optimism and skills will be of little surprise to most that have seen those issues dominate all of 2015.

But it is a solid indication that as we get closer to buying the new diaries and positioning fresh desktop calendars the year ahead is looking like a solid one.​

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