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Dell World dominated by digital transformation discussion

The phrase of the moment 'digital transformation' was the keystone of Michael Dell's keynote at the vendor's partner and customer shindig

The phrase of the moment "business transformation" littered Michael Dell's keynote speech at the vendor's partner and customer gathering Dell World.

The CEO of Dell talked about the changing world and the need for all customers to adapt to different market conditions or risk being left behind in the wake of more innovative partners.

"There is a consensus that time is slipping by in a world that is ripe for digital reinvention," he added "It's not if but when."

"This digital transformation is a real big deal and CEOs in industries all over the world are thinking about it," he added.

He said that more devices would be connected to the web and that process was only just starting giving the Internet of Things, which was already a reality, even more of a boost in the future.

Machine to machine learning, drones and sensors were all driving the data explosion and creating opportunities for firms like Dell to help users process and analyse the information.

In May the vendor set up a group to target the IoT and it has followed that up with the introduction of some specific gateway products that can sit between sensors, networks and analytical tools.

Dell is working hard to position itself as a firm that understands where the market is going and to be seen as the natural choice for those customers looking for products that will support their digital transformation projects.

"With sevrers, with storage and converged platforms we have a great platform for the data centres of the future," he said.

"The hybrid cloud model will rule supreme. Our combination with EMC will make your inevitable journey to the hybriod cloud faster and easier," he said.

He addressed CIOs who faced the problems keeping the lights on as well as had a demand to drive out costs but also deliver a digital business and talked up the need for better servers and storage as part of a coherent data centre strategy.

The keynote also gave Dell a chance to underline its commitment to the PC market, where the business started 32 years ago, and said it was still gaining share from rivals.

"PCs are core to our strategy and we are fully committed to our PC business," he added that there were millions of PCs out in the market that were being used on a daily basis and many of those were more than four years old and it was "giving users plenty of reasons to upgrade".

The first part of the keynote was inevitably dominated by the news of last week, with Dell signing an agreement to purchase EMC for a record breaking $67bn.

Dell outlined a business that would combine the muscle of Dell and EMC as being the only provider of end to end solutions that will lean on partners to gain even more market share.

He said that since it had gone private two years ago the firm had been able to take advantage of more opportunities as a result of avoiding the "90 day shock clock" and taking more strategic decisions.

"If you think back to when we took Dell private I kept getting asked if I would still do acquisitions. Welll go big or go home baby," he said.

Adding EMC to the business would only strengthen its hand Dell argued. He added that it would maintain its commitment to the channel and to ploughing money into R&D to make sure it could play a role as a market leader.

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