BigTec moving towards a datacentre in a box

BigTec is looking to make it easier for the channel to sell a datacenter by uniting the output of its vendor partners into a unified solution

BigTec has emerged as one of the brightest prospects in the Exclusive Group as the interest in next generation data centre tools grows.

BigTec started life a couple of years ago after the opportunity to become a home for a range of vendors that were specialising in cloud architectures and data centre virtualisation.

Where the channel player sees the future coming from is in the development of a 'data centre in a box' combining the tools its vendors can offer into a comprehensive solution that resellers can take out to customers.

"The next step is to create a single SKU to enable reseller partners to sell it as a datacentre within a box," said Jason Dance, managing director of BigTec.

"We have to simplify the sale of this because it is simplifying the adaption of this new way of working," he added.

The channel firm has already been speaking to the vendors on its roster to encourage them to think about how they can work together and some are already forming strategic alliances.

The distributor's longest serving vendor Nutanix has sealed partnerships with vArmour, VMTurbo and most recently another BigTec vendor Silver Peak.

"We are starting to see the value. If someone wants to sell Nutanix then they can get the benefit of going to the market as a solution rather than just representing a single vendor," added Dance.

The distributor recently held a meeting with four of its key vendors and outlined its single SKU vision and is also encouraging resellers to think about developing a solution approach.

"There is no vendor lock in because you could replace any component with another component and there should be no disruption with service," he said.

The contribution that BigTec was making to Exclusive's bottome line got a mention in the recent half year update with the VAD doubling the number of countries it operates in across EMEA to a total of 12.

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