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Business transformation fuelling Juniper Network's channel

Customer moves to digitally transform their businesses are creating opportunities for Juniper Network's top tier of partners

Resellers looking to position themselves as digital transformation specialists are starting to emerge in response to the demand from users for experts who can help guide them on the journey to a more flexible cloud-based business.

As more customers start to go down the route of opening up more of their businesses to digital processes there are consequences across the infrastructure - networking, serversm storage and for security - that require a services approach from the channel.

Those that can advise and provide a customer with a long term vision of where their company needs to go from a technology perspective are finding themselves in demand.

Although more are moving in that direction there are a select number of partners that can offer those services currently but vendors are looking to increase their support to make sure more can provide the vertical and geographical market coverage they need.

Juniper Networks is among those looking to place itself at the centre of the digital transformation debate given its networking and security heritage. At a get together in London the vendor provided an update on the progress of its channel.

Martin Hester, head of channels and alliances EMEA at Juniper Networks, said that it was supporting the development of more resellers and was providing training and guidance but it was slightly wary of going overboard with numbers and would not dilute the quality in an attempt to get more on board.

"We need people who can talk about business outcomes and it is a different way of selling. You have to be able to develop the experience to be able to do that. This is a very important market for us and we have some good parters who have got good expertise and messaging. It would be good to bring on some more but we don't want to saturate the market," he added.

The vendor recently trimmed the number of top tier partners it had across EMEA as it looked to ensure that those it worked with were giving and in turn given the right level of focus.

The vendor recently refreshed its partner programme in July with the focus on switching, routing and security and is planning to introduce more changes to support reseller efforts in vertical markets.

The firm is also enouraging the channel to build its own data centre stacks adding networking, virtualisation, servers together to give the customers choice and to develop their own intellectual property.

"The partners are building out their own stacks. They will have some common components and others that the partners bring into the stack," he added that its role as a vendor was to certify that it's piece of the jigsaw would work with the rest.

Hester added that the customer was much more open minded about the choice of solution and believed that the market was at an inflexion point and more customers were looking for choice as they developed their businesses and wanted to avoid getting locked in with a single vendor.

"It is about business transformation nand partners that can demonstrate that they can be trusted and can help the customer," he said.

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