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WANdisco boss ready for big data take-off

The time for testing is over for many firms and as they roll out their big data strategies there should be an opportunity for the channel according to the WANdisco CEO

This is the moment when the hype about big data starts to eveaporate and the reality of a growing number of users adopting the technology becomes a channel opportunity.

Over the past couple of years a lot of firms have tinkered with big data projects but kept these in a testing environment where if anything went wrong it did not have an impact on users.

Now more are moving to production phase and putting mission critical data into the mix, raising the stakes as well as making it a more genuine channel prospect.

The other change in the market is the involvement of all the household names in the industry as they reach out to provide customers with the hardware and software platforms to storage and move their data.

It is the involvement of those vendors, which also involves their respective channels, which is adding to the momentum in the market.

David Richards, co-founder and CEO of WANdisco, said that the second half of tis year had seen the market start to move up a gear and it was expecting a strong 2016.

"What is making big data attractive is the cost. It has been possible to store large amounts of data but now the costs have made it possible for more people," he said.

He said that firms like Hadoop and Cloudera had created the platforms that many of the early adopters had been using over the last couple of years but it was accelerating with the appliances that were coming out from the hardware and networking players that fed into the data centre.

All of that not only spells a growing movement by customers towards big data but also an increasing opportunity for the channel.

"The model is moving to indirect so we are putting in the reseller relationships," said Richards "We have worked very hard over the past twelve months to work out a very complicated problem and managed so it can now be self installed."

The current pressure points are on those firms that cannot afford data to be down for any length of time and the number of those is growing as more crucial data is put into a live environment.

Richards said that it was a specialist in delivering active to active data across multiple data centres and more customers were becoming aware that as they started to embrace big data they needed to think about management, security as well was what might happen if things go wrong.

"They need to find a way to make it resilient, reliant and redundant, and that's what we do," he added.

For the channel the words 'big data' have taken a while to be translated into a financial opportunity and over the course of this year it has meant for most not just data centre hosting but also pitching real-time data analytics.

The view coming from Richards is that more firms will now look to put mission critical data into data centres and expect help not only with managing that information, securing it but making sure it is always available.

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