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Red Hat adds to educational offering with OpenStack courses

Open source leader follows up on pledge to help its users manage their container cloud use by adding brand new certification courses to its already-extensive training portfolio

Just last week Red Hat emphasised the need for more education on open source and its various benefits. The industry, as the firm’s general manager of cloud Ashesh Bandani explained, has made it possible for businesses to harness the true power of containers, but now has a responsibility to ensure adopters are capable of managing their usage effectively.

It didn’t take long for Bandani’s company to get the ball rolling. Yesterday it announced the launch of two new engineer-level Training and Certification service offerings aimed specifically at improving IT professionals’ understanding of Red Hat-distributed OpenStack clouds.

The first certification, Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) in Red Hat OpenStack, is achieved by completing two exams and aims to demonstrate an IT professional’s ability to integrate Red Hat Ceph Storage with OpenStack’s key services. It’s also designed to help the user develop a better understanding of OpenStack’s Neutron advanced networking features.

The second is Red Hat OpenStack Administration III, which follows on from the first two installations. This ties in with the RHCE and also focuses on Red Hat Ceph Storage and Neutron networking.

Curriculum director Pete Hnath explained the thinking behind the Administration course: “As our customers move through the product lifecycle from proof of concept to production they need a rigorous, hands-on, globally available curriculum to enable their OpenStack administrators to be successful. The new Red Hat OpenStack Administration III course extends proofs of concept by teaching administrators how to integrate Red Hat Ceph Storage with the key services of OpenStack and provide students with a more advanced understanding of Neutron networking.”

The decision to enhance the educational offering will no doubt help to increase Red Hat’s reach; as understanding of the firm’s platforms grows across the sector, so too should demand for open source technologies in general.

The two new in-depth certifications come accompanied by the higher level OpenStack Technical Overview programme – a two-hour online course that takes users through a series of short videos explaining the basics of Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. It’s suggested as preparation for the aforementioned Red Hat OpenStack Administration III certification and is available for free.

According to Red Hat’s Director of Certification, Randy Russell, now is the perfect time to launch the new offerings. “During the past 16 years, the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) credential has set a global standard for engineer-level certifications on Linux, by providing a rigorous, performance-based exam that accurately represents an IT professional's abilities,” he said. 

“This new Red Hat Training and Certification offering aims to do the same for OpenStack at a time when demand for highly skilled OpenStack developers, engineers, and system administrators has soared.”

In terms of availability, the OpenStack Administration III course will be offered through Red Hat’s recently launched subscription service, which provides unlimited access to its full portfolio of training content.

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