avsnet adds security to the mix with Redscan partnership

MSPs are continuing to form partnerships to widen the options they can provide for customers with avsnet and Redscan the latest to follow that strategy

The partnerships continue to be made in the channel as firms look to trim up with experienced managed service providers to add those skills to their core offering.

Not everyone wants to pursue an acquisition strategy and in recent months there have been a growing number of examples of firms buddying up with each other to make sure they can deliver a more complete solution.

The latest addition to that growing list is UC and managed services player avsnet which will now be adding IT security services from Rescan to its portfolio.

Combining the two operation centres that both firms run will mean that customers get access to 24/7 support and get protection from risks that can cause data loss and network outages.

Graham Fry, managing director at avsnet said that security was climbing up the boardroom agenda with more customers now aware of the threats to their data.

“Businesses have awoken to the very real threat of what doing nothing could mean to their reputations and bottom lines. After all, cyber-criminals never rest on their laurels,” he said.

“Our customers are increasingly looking to us for advice and protection,” he added  “We chose to partner with Redscan because of the company’s consultative approach. Like us, it designs and integrates its services in line with each customer's people, processes, technology and business intelligence to deliver long-term business value.”
In response, Simon Heron, CTO at Redscan, said that a lot of customers were not fully protected and were at risk of attack and it could help identify vulnerabilities and reduce the opportunities for cyber criminals.

 “As our penetration tests regularly demonstrate to new customers, most organisations incorrectly believe their network is well protected. This is rarely the case - there is often an insecure network end-point, weak password or unpatched vulnerability that is putting their business at risk. Critical issues such as these need identifying and rectifying the moment they occur.” he said.

“Much like avsnet’s understanding of how important the corporate network is to improving business performance, we recognise how important security is to a business’s day-to-day operations. This shared ethos makes the two companies a natural fit,” he added.

To get the partnership going users are being offered the chance to trial Redscan’s managed security service for free.​

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