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Disaster recovery testing remains a concern for UK businesses

Power supplies failing is one of the main causes of downtime and should give resellers and customers something to think about

Over a quarter of downtime in UK enterprises is caused by unreliable power supplies, a study from Timico has revealed. 

Behind unreliable power, the other primary causes of downtime were software related issues (21%) and then hardware failures (19%). Other common causes were human error, natural disaster and malicious activity.

“Whatever the cause of your outage, protecting your business from downtime should be a top priority,” commented Andrew Fox, director for Managed Networks and Cloud & Hosting at Timico.

The study also found that only 5% of respondents had complete confidence in their disaster recovery plan. Only 6% made the commitment to testing their disaster recovery plans more than once a month.

The findings tally with a similar market research report from Plan B Disaster Recovery, published last month and should nudge those resellers selling disaster recovery and uninterruptuble power supplies 

The survey, based on a survey of 200 IT and business decision makers, found that only 21% of companies carry out full disaster recovery testing, while the remainder only conducted partial tests in order to avoid disrupting the business.

“We are certainly seeing customers demand more flexibility and tailoring from disaster recovery suppliers,” said Tim Dunger, managing director of Plan B Disaster Recovery.

“Buyers are getting smarter, which is really good news for the business continuity world, but we still need to promote testing as an area to take more seriously to reduce IT downtime,“ he added.

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