Users increasingly looking for cloud app mobility

Disaster recovery specialist Zerto has found that customers are worried about their data being locked-in to a specific platform

One of the fears that those customers putting their data into the cloud is that they will be locked in to a particular platform and technology.

There have been some warnings that getting onto web services is not an issue, and can be done fairly easily in some cases with a credit card, but getting off them can be problematic and making sure that the applications are part of a wider disaster recovery plan can also be a challenge.

As a result of some of the actions of the last year and a half there are firms that have found that one of the main consequences of shadow IT is an unmonitored growth in the number of cloud services being used, which have implications for both data management and security.

Where things are starting to bite is when it comes to meeting compliance needs around data backup with firms needing to demonstrate they know where their information is and can also show it can be restored.

Peter Godden, vice president EMEA at Zerto, specialises in disaster recovery for cloud and virtual environments and has noticed changing demands from customers.

"Customers want to be able to move applications with just a few clicks and do so without having an impact on performance," he said.

"It is something that is of interest from the very small firms to the very large, although it depends on what value they put on data as well as the needs of compliance," he added.

One of the problems has been that to replicate data the options have been to use a second version of proprietary hardware to store that copy of the information moving it from NetApp to NetApp or EMC to EMC.

But given the desire to move data round more freely users are looking for options that give them back the power and get them away from being locked-in with one vendor.

As well as compliance the other pressure that the channel is facing is the growth in popularity of DR as a service.

Godden has noted that DR as well as back up and email are the places that customers often start with the cloud and as a result the need to get it right is important because it can lead to further investment.

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