Blue Coat masterminds endpoint alliance

Blue Coat has teamed up with a number of vendors to create an endpoint security alliance

The security market has always been one where there is an acceptance that there is no single solution or silver bullet that can deal with all of the threats.

That has not stopped some vendors from positioning themselves as the one-stop-shop that customers should deal with, but many accept that it is the channel that can knit together the different products to make a solution, rather than the manufacturers.

In an era when the threats continue to multiply there is a need for vendors to work together to try and put up more of a defence for hackers to overcome.

There are several industry iniatives, including the Cyber Threat Alliance, which are designed to pool together best practice and market intelligence and the latest effort has been spearheaded by Blue Coat, with its Alliance Ecosystem of Endpoint Detection and Response partners.

Vendors signing up to the endpoint alliance from the start include Bit9+ Carbon Black, Countertack, Digital Guardian, Guidance Software, Promisec and TripWire.

Neal Creighton, CEO, CounterTack, said that it was responding to changes in the market and had to provide more protection to customers.

"Our tight integration with Blue Coat is driven by what our customers want, and we're excited about the go-to-market opportunities together as we deliver best-of-breed endpoint security and network security solutions to the market," he said.

Endpoint protection is one of those product areas that continues to attract customers looking to fend off the latest threats and the Blue Coat channel should be in a stronger position being able to offer strength and depth in its offering.

“Enterprise network administrators dealing with BYOD, shadow IT and the Internet of Things, are realising the need for endpoint detection and response is crucial,” said Peter Doggart, vice president, business development at Blue Coat.

“Other than the proxy, the endpoint is the only place where IT security has full visibility into what is happening within their environment," he added.

The alliance will start producing the fruits of its labours from next month with the emphasis on providing users with more information about what is happening at the end point in real-time.

Earlier this week Cisco produced its mid-year security report and it warned that those firms that did nothing would be incredibly vulnerable.

"The innovation race between adversaries and security vendors is only accelerating, and organizations are at risk of becoming more vulnerable to attack if they sit back and watch. They need to be proactive about identifying and addressing cybersecurity risks that can affect their business and aligning the right people, processes, and technology to help them meet those challenges," the Cisco report stated.

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