It's official: Windows 10 to be released July 29

Redmond folks confirm July 29 release date for Windows 10 on PCs and tablets - still no sign of mobile version

Microsoft has finally confirmed the release date of Windows 10, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, it is July 29.

The official date comes just weeks after AMD CEO Lisa Su let slip that the Redmond firm was planning a release in late July. Now, in a blog post from operating system chief Terry Myerson, Microsoft has confirmed that the new flagship OS will go live in exactly 58 days.

The timeframe is a tight one given the number of feature changes taking place in preview builds. Myerson indicated that the impending release date was only for PCs and tablets – with no further details being provided on a timeframe for Windows 10 Mobile.

All Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users will be entitled to a free upgrade to the system, provided that they make the move within one year from July 29.

The move to a free model is one of the most pivotal shifts in Microsoft’s history, which has traditionally seen much of its revenue generated from licensing its software. The OS giant will also change its update process moving forward, rolling out patches and fixes on a constant basis.

It is not know how many Windows 10 SKUs will be released on July 29 but users can reserve an upgrade by following a notification, which will be popping up in an icon tray near you very soon.

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