Accumuli agrees with Juniper Networks to take on DDoS licensing

A couple of years after it sold its DDoS Secure product to Juniper Networks Accumuli has agreed worldwide ;licensing rights for the technology

Managed services specialist Accumuli has struck a worldwide agreement to license Juniper Networks DDoS technology a couple of years after it sold it to the vendor.

Back in February 2013 Accumuli, part of the NCC Group, sold off the assets of Webscreen to Juniper Networks for $10m, which included the distributed denial of service attack prevention software.

Even at the time of the deal it had been made clear that Accumuli would like to remain a reseller of the DDoS Secure application.

Now the two firms have struck a licensing deal that gives Accumuli access to the technology and gives it responsibility for handling support, product renewals, license purchase and updates and upgrades to the DDoS Secure product.

Gavin Lyons, CEO of Accumuli, said that the business was in a different position compared to February 2013 when it had sold off the assets of the Webscreen operation.

"We now have a much larger owned IP portfolio than we had when we sold the Webscreen business two years ago. With a team of more than 15 developers we are now in a much better position to invest in and grow that IP," he said.

He also commented that as part of NCC Group its customers would have access to a wider portfolio.

"DDoS Secure is a fantastic technology and we want to ensure it continues to thrive in the industry. We believe in this technology and the value it can add to our customers and partners. As the previous owner of the technology, we are uniquely suited to continue its development to meet our customers' business needs," he added.

Jon Shallow, the chief architect behind the DDoS Secure product since 2000, will join Accumuli Security to continue to work on the technology and the current customer base will not see any disruption as a result of the licensing arrangement.

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