Exertis adds 3D printing to product roster

Exertis has signed its first 3D printing specialist as the distributor takes the decision to back the technology

Distribution continues to make moves to get in a position to reap the benefits when 3D printing becomes a mainstream channel play with Exertis the latest to add the technology to its product line-up.

The firm will start offering Big Builder Dual, a 3D printer that can print into two materials or colours, from Netherlands outfit Builder 3D. The product should appeal to business, consumer and education sectors.

The tie-up provides the Dutch vendor with a chance to have a crack at the UK market and adds to the growing number of manufacturers that resellers can now choose from.

Exertis is not alone in backing 3D printing with Ingram Micro also committed to the technology, with the distributor recently setting up a division to increase the support it cab offer resellers looking to sell the technology.

Niels Hunck, sales manager at Builder 3D, said that it had attended a recent UK print trade show and had then taken the decision to work with Dynamism Europe, which had led to the appointment of Exertis.

Jamie Brothwell, print general manager at Exertis, said that the distributor had a history of bringing some of the most significant technological developments to partners and 3D printing was one of those.

“3D print has been a market of interest to Exertis UK for some time. However, it was important that when selecting a 3D Print partner we delivered a compelling proposition to the channel. We believe that in Builder 3D, backed by Dynamism Europe, we have that partner. Its experienced UK-based support team, the ability to print in dual colour and a range of printers means Builder 3D is the 3D print brand for us to back," he said.

This is the first time that Exertis has sold 3D printing technology but the distributor has a printing team and has been working with 3D Builder to ensure that all of its staff are trained up around the product.



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