Samsung may run into supply problems with new flagship device

The South Korean phone giant has admitted that demand may outstrip supply due to the complex manufacturing process of the Edge

Samsung may have shot itself in the foot, by launching a phone that is too difficult to manufacture.

As Apple’s only real competitor in the high-end smartphone market, all eyes have been on Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, which is the first smartphone to have a curved display. A string of positive reviews have seen strong demand for the two devices in the lead up to today’s launch.

However, the company has warned that it may struggle to fulfill orders of the Edge, due to the complex manufacturing process.  The screen is created via a technique called 3D thermoforming, a process of heating up the glass to 800 degrees Celsius and molding it into its unique shape.

Mobile chief J.K. Shin recently confirmed that while Samsung expects the flat version to be the more popular of the two devices, demand for the Edge may still outstrip supply, for the short-term at least.

While this is bad news for consumers, it’s not necessarily bad for the South Korean phone-maker. The sustained demand will likely stall any drops in retail price, ultimately leading to more revenue for Samsung.

Nonetheless, Shin said that Samsung was ‘working hard’ to meet demand and the company is reportedly looking for additional suppliers to boost output.   

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