reveals bonuses and stalled retirements has revealed the bonus paid to the CEO and has some surprising news about the planned retirement of its CTO

If doesn't have one of those 'great places to work' plaques in reception then it should think about getting one after a filing revealed that it is handing out a sizeable bonus to its CEO and it takes a very flexible approach to retirement.

The firm made an SEC filing released details of the annual bonus payments to executive officers revealing CEO Mark Benioff is has received $2,096,640. 

The filing also announced that CTO Graham Smith will continue to work for the company despite announcing he would retire on Tuesday 31st March.

Following a year when stock prices fell by 7% the filing explained that the bonus payments were, “based primarily on the achievement of specific corporate performance goals as well as individual performance during the Company’s fiscal year 2015, from February 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015, net of mid-year bonus payouts made on September 30, 2014".

Smith will stay at the company as part of a services agreement as executive Vice President advising Benioff “on projects reasonably assigned to him by the CEO, including projects on behalf of the Company involving the Salesforce Foundation".

The filing states that Smith will receive his salary and bonuses as prior to the agreement and replace and retirement deal previously agreed. The bonus paid to Smith for the last fiscal year is just shy of half a million dollars.

This morning Texan security firm Toopher announced that it has been acquired by Salesforce. The details of the deal were unconfirmed but the firm has stopped selling its products as it plans to join its buyer.

“We are thrilled to join Salesforce, where we’ll work on delivering the Toopher vision on a much larger scale as part of the world’s #1 Cloud Platform,” said founders Josh Alexander and Evan Grimm. “We can’t imagine a better team, technology and set of values with which to align.”


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