A new smile on the face of business

The channel is doing it's bit to make life easier for customers using 1 April to rollout some great innovations

As the new financial year gets underway the channel is showing off the innovative ways it can help make the lives of customers even easier.

Sumo Logic has today announced the very latest in smart wearable technology sending the channel into a spin with the mobile possibilities.

The firm’s super slim encrypted device is perfect for serious businessmen who want secure messages to reach them wherever they are.

Meanwhile UKFast have launched a solution taking technology even closer to the visionary future we saw in sci-fi films of the 70’s and 80’s taking staff downtime to an achievable 0%.

UKFast managing director Jonathan Bowers said: “We have always prided ourselves on developing our infrastructure whilst consistently introducing effective automation to ensure that our clients’ solutions remain highly functional throughout every eventuality.”

The new backup and redundancy solution introduces the patented U Klone Fast technology taking business continuity to the most important resource for every business – its people.

 “Since deploying our AI servers last April, our focus has been on creating the highest level of backup and redundancy. This includes backup servers, backup firewalls and backed up data," said Bowers.

“To us, backing up people seemed like the natural next step. We had the double vision to do this and it’s increased our efficiency twofold," he added.

Sumo’s new mobile technology, which could easily form an alliance with UK Fast, vibrates in easily decipherable code for all sorts of real time system alerts, making business on the go a reality without the visible distraction of smartphones and tablets.

The Sumo device brings new meaning to connectivity with IoT and enterprise, protecting data and delivering results across all industries, allowing businesses to get alerts straight to the decision makers and there are consumer possibilities too with a choice of colour to give users that rock star look.



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