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It might have passed many people by but today is World Backup Day and a chance for the channel to spread the word about the need to protect sensitive data

Today is World back up day and businesses of all sizes are always being told that they are only as good as their latest back up.

With the surge in mobility and dependence on cloud companies have been forced into looking at integrated solutions to protect their data and ensure continuity for their connectivity and systems.

Mike Osbourne, head of business continuity at Phoenix said that the pressure on data was increasing the need for backups to ensure there were no problems.

“In this day and age, a company’s employees demand mobility and expect to be able to access work at any time, from any of their enabled devices. With employee mobility comes data mobility, which presents new dangers to companies in maintaining data’s resilience and keeping its information safe and secure," he said.

“Data and cloud services can be advantageous to the enterprise – allowing them to make better decisions based on information collected in real-time and analysed using sophisticated tools,” said Martin Warren, CloudSolutions Marketing Manager at NetApp.

“With more efficient data storage techniques comes responsibility. Data is more valuable than ever before to businesses. Therefore, it needs to be properly protected and looked after," he added.

Osbourne agreed: “It means businesses are increasingly moving away from traditional methods of data backup to cloud-based services and it is estimated that 45% of UK businesses will have completely eradicated tape backup by the end of 2016, double the number at the end of 2011.”

“On World Backup Day, we believe it is vital that companies, as well as consumers, heed the call to ensure that their data is as protected as possible. A severe loss of data can be catastrophic and prove potentially fatal for a business so the need for effective backup systems has never been greater,” stressed Osbourne.  

“What businesses must consider is that the loss of critical data can lead to financial losses, jeopardise the trust of customers and partners or lead to significant operational issues that slow down business growth,” said Warren.

“Therefore, World Backup Day should serve as a landmark for businesses as well as consumers. Business owners and IT personnel need to ensure that their backup policy becomes a well-oiled process," he added “Furthermore, as well as simply backing up data, businesses need to have the peace of mind that comes from having a fast, reliable disaster recovery solution, so their business can be up and running again within hours in the event of an outage.”

World Back Up said everyone should think seriously about data and what was important, urging individuals as well as the channel to take the pledge:  “I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”

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