Global server market grows in 2014

Both IDC and Gartner have released their figures, confirming that the global server market grew in 2014

There is cautious optimism amongst industry watchers as both IDC and Gartner report growth in the global server market in 2014

IDC has reported that global revenue for Q4 came in at $14.5bn, representing 1.9% Y/Y growth and marking the third consecutive quarter that the figures have been in the black.

Total revenue for 2014, according to IDC, was $50.9bn, a 2.3% rise on the year before.

Gartner reported revenue growth of 2.2% for Q4 with overall revenue for the year growing 0.8%.

"There were several factors that produced the strong growth in the server market in 2014," said Jeffrey Hewitt, research vice president at Gartner. "On a worldwide basis, hyperscale data centre deployments as well as service provider installations drove the x86-based server market upward. Enterprises had less unit growth impact because of the on-going presence of physical server consolidation through x86-server virtualization. This overall market growth developed despite declines in both mainframe and Unix platforms."

For the full year, HP took the top prize with a 26.2% share of the pie ($13.3bn), according to the IDC data. IBM placed second with an 18.4% share ($9.4 billion), although it’s worth pointing out that Big Blue was pushed to third by Dell in Q4.

"As we look forward over the next few years, server demand will continue to see aggressive hyperscale growth, as well as interrelated greenfield opportunities attached to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions," said Kuba Stolarski, Research Manager, Enterprise Servers at IDC.

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