ARM and Big Blue unveil 'IoT Starter Kit'

IBM and ARM have teamed up to create a plug 'n' play starter kit, allowing developers to dip their toes into the waters of IoT


ARM and IBM have joined forces to create an ‘Internet of Things Starter Kit’, in attempt to stake their claim in the embryonic market.   

The Ethernet IoT Starter Kit consists of two pieces of hardware – a microcontroller development board and an expansion board, packed with an array of sensors.

Once the two components are connected together, hooked up to a PC via USB and then to the Internet via Ethernet, users will be able to tap into the device from anywhere in the world via IBM’s BlueMix cloud and send data to their applications.

The expansion board includes an LCD screen, two potentiometers, a joystick, a speaker, an accelerometer, an LED, a temperature sensor and a socket to integrate the unit with existing home automation protocols such as ZigBee. The microcontroller board is limited in its capabilities with an ARM Cortex-M4 processor, 256KB of RAM and 1MB of flash memory; however, the starter kit’s core purpose is less about meaningful use cases and more about introducing developers to IBM and ARM’s IoT tech.

The kit will run on ARM’s yet-to-be-released mbed OS, an operating system designed to easily sit on top of a range of IoT devices. The Cambridge, UK-based chip maker has doubled down on the impending IoT revolution and hopes that its operating system will be the glue that ties a (currently) disparate ecosystem together.

IBM will be hoping that the thing-in-a-box introduces more developers to BlueMix, its cloud-based app development platform.

A release date for the Ethernet IoT Starter Kit has not yet been given.

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