Study reveals true cost of network downtime

Avaya survey finds that large companies lose an average of £54,750 as a direct result of network outages

Network outages cost companies an average of £54,750 per year, according to a survey from Avaya.

The communications provider polled 702 IT professionals in organisations with 250+ employees across eight European companies and found that 77% of them experienced a loss of revenue as a result of network outages. According to Avaya, 81% of IT professionals experienced network outages as a direct result of human error and one in five companies had fired an IT employee as a direct result of downtime.

Other consequences experienced as a result of downtime were loss of productivity (44%), disruption to IT projects (40%) and supply chain disruption (30%).

The survey also revealed that 94% of European businesses were negatively affected by network complexity.

“Bottom line, network complexity increases wait time; wait time affects margins and decreases the ability of IT to provide the company with a competitive edge,” said Adrian Brookes, head of EU networking at Avaya.

“This research highlights the fact that many companies wait longer for maintenance windows in an effort to reduce network errors, but in reality, the opposite occurs.  This will continue to be a self-perpetuating problem unless these businesses can move to a more automated, simpler and flexible network environment.”

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