Dell lowers rebate threshold for partners

Dell has significantly lowered the sales threshold for partners to qualify for the rebate scheme

Dell has announced that it has lowered the rebate threshold, making easier for Premiere and Preferred partners to qualify for cash back.

Effective immediately, partners that meet or exceed $20,000 (£13,216) will now be eligible for rebates of up to 14%. Prior to the change, partners had to bring in $100,000 worth of sales before being eligible for rebates, so the change in strategy is a significant one. Dell says that the alteration is in response to feedback from partners and ‘aims to reward more businesses for their hard work and achievements’.

“Our channel partners are vital to the ongoing success of Dell Networking and we want to not only recognise them for their hard work, but also help them grow and develop their own businesses,” said Mark Pearce, EMEA channel director of networking. “We are now able to compensate focus and success with Dell Networking, by paying the same rebates for both Premier and Preferred partners. This makes our program more inclusive, therefore providing some of the most competitive rewards in the industry.”

Dell Networking also announced a range of new finance initiatives. Ken Harley, director of networking at Dell, said financing remains a fundamental barrier for many businesses.

“With our financing solutions, companies will have the opportunity to replace outdated network technologies and the need for extensive CapEx and OpEx will be reduced,” Harley said. “Dell Financial Services give these firms a chance to grow and develop at the best pace for them, whilst always working within their budget.”

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