Avnet adds elastic cloud to reseller options

Combining technology from EMC, VMware and Cisco the distributor aims to support smaller service providers looking to pitch a cloud solution

Avnet has made it clear that coming up with a measured response to the cloud is how it feels that distribution can best support resellers looking to move into hosted services.

The distributor has been positioning itself for the future and in briefings with its vice president for business development across EMEA Dieter Lott last month the channel player made it clear that it was developing solutions for partners.

"When it started it was about product availability, logistics and credit. Then in the 1990s the VAR community needed to be helped with training, which is still offered today," said Lott last month. "The next step is being the business technology advisor by sharing our business intelligence. We know what sells when and what product combinations sell well."

In line with that solution building approach the distributor has pulled together technology from Cisco, EMC and VMware to develop an elastic cloud infrastructure (ECI) that is aimed at smaller service providers.

Combining Cisco's UCS servers, EMC's ScaleIO storage systems and VMware's vSphere virtualisation platform the solution should appeal the the mid market and above.

The distributor expects the elastic cloud proposition will chime with SaaS specialists that shy away from making investments in the hardware but will need to provide something that can grow as demands rise.

“Working with some of the world’s most trusted technology providers, we have created a powerful addition to Avnet’s portfolio that tightly integrates computing, storage, networking and virtualisation resources in a single package," said Tom Corrigan, open storage and Cisco business unit leader, Avnet Technology Solutions, UK.

There is also an expectation that being able to talk about some of the main building blocks of storage, virtualisation and networking will provide resellers with an opportunity to widen the conversation with the customer and gain additional services revenues.

The elastic cloud infrastructure has echoes of the VCE solution that was also supported by the three vendors and was carried by distributor Magirus and was rolled out back in 2011

Since then Magirus was acquired by Avnet in the summer of 2012 and last October EMC and Cisco announced that VCE had become part of the storage giant's business.

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