SMEs not optimistic about growth in 2015, survey finds

TalkTalk Business has published research which suggests that only 27% of SMEs are confident of growth over the coming 12 months

Growth in 2015 is far from certain for the vast majority of SMEs, according to new research carried out by TalkTalk Business

The broadband provider surveyed 1,000 SME decision makers and found that while 27% of small and medium businesses were confident that they would see growth in the coming year, the remaining 73% were less positive.

TalkTalk Business also created a list of New Year’s Resolutions based on SME’s priorities over the coming 12 months, which included: growing revenue; creating a happier workforce; expanding the organisation; cutting costs and investing in new technology.

A recent Node4 study found that 60% of SMEs intended on increasing their IT budget is 2015.

Managing director of TalkTalk Business, Charles Bligh, said that for those looking to invest in new technology against a backdrop of uncertain growth, it was vitally important to extract value from providers.

“The beginning of a new year is a time for small businesses to plan for a prosperous 2015 and demonstrate the ambition that is needed for success,” Bligh said. “However, with SMEs split on whether they can expect to achieve growth this year, small business decision makers need to take control and have the confidence to demand better value for their businesses in the coming 12 months.”


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