Context: A year of unexpected growth in the PC market

The PC was meant to be dead but this year has seen double digit growth in sales across Western Europe according to Context

Among many these of this year the return to some sort of growth in the PC market is perhaps one that many in the industry might have wished for but not expected to play out over 2014.

There were even moments when the PC was declared as dead but figures from all the major analyst houses have indicated that in the enterprise space customers have been buying again.

Part of the reason for that is the long overdue need for a refresh and another major factor was the end of Windows XP support back in April but analyst house Context has also tracked a decline in demand for tablets, which had been a competitor for PC spending.

The latest figures from Context show that the Western European PC market will end the year with impressive 15.6% growth in PC sales up to November, compared to last year.

The enterprise market was stirred fairly early on in the year by the XP changes but Context also saw consumer PCs rebounding in the second half at the expense of tablets.

“This was partially due again to XP migration but also a need to refresh aging home PCs and a slowdown in demand for tablets which freed up money for notebook buys”, said Marie-Christine, senior analyst at Context.

Laptops coming in under the €250 price point also helped buoy the market and in October and November consumer clamshell laptops were up by 16.6% year-on-year.

Market saturation and longer than expected lifecycles saw a 1.8% decline in tablet sales January to November and sales were down by 9.3% in the third quarter.


Year-on-year PC growth Jan-Nov 2014 vs. Jan-Nov 2013

Germany 17.6%
UK 10.7%
Italy 14.6%
France 14.2%
Spain 27.0%
Sweden 11.2%
Denmark 9.0%
Austria 24.2%
Switzerland -0.6%

Source: Context

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