Cyber-attacks could have domino effect on channel, Radware warns

Radware's annual report finds ISPs and hosting service providers are at high risk of being attacked and warns of dangers to the channel

ISP and hosting providers were the two most targeted industries when it came to cyber-crime in 2014, according to a report published today.

Radware’s fourth annual ‘Global Application and Security Report’ surveyed 330 companies and compiled a list of sectors most likely to be targeted by cyber-criminals. Amongst those most at risk, were hosting companies, which had been considered low-risk in previous reports. ISPs, the government and the gambling sector were also considered very high risk.

Adrian Crawley, UK & Ireland regional director for Radware, warned that the findings could prove detrimental to the channel with VARs passing on below par security.

“The news presents a stark reality for Channel companies moving into managed services. If they fail to ensure their network security planning is robust then there’s no doubt that 2015 will see a great number of ‘cyber-dominoes’ fall,” he warned.

“The channel must take heed and ensure it understands ISP and Hosting technologies inside out and the implications for planning mitigation strategies for its own operations and those of its customers.”

The report also found that 19% of companies claim to be under constant attack, three times as many as the year before. Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions at Radware, said that the ever increasing number of attacks is causing a paradigm shift in how the boardroom views security.

“When interviewed, IT and network directors suggested that the shift in boardroom attitudes is not only helping them to raise the issues related to managing existing infrastructure but also the implications of embracing new trends such as bring your own device, the move to the cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT),” Herberger said.


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