ASM's SME Access Service passes £15m to channel

One year after its launch, ASM's SME Access Service appears to be bridging the gap left by government regulations on IT procurement

Just a year after the launch of its SME Access Service, ASM Technologies says that it has passed £15m worth of IT spend directly to small and medium businesses.

The distributor launched the programme in 2013 following the government’s push for more public sector IT contracts to go to SMEs. The new guidelines stipulate that by 2015, SMEs should be awarded at least 25% of new IT contracts.

While the initiative is virtuous on paper, ASM says that it has been having a negative impact on the channel, with resellers struggling to remain compliant.

“We discovered last year that many resellers were finding it difficult to meet the government’s new requirements without seeing significant drops in their profitability,” explained Iain Tomkinson, sales director at ASM Technologies. “The sheer cost of on-boarding so many SMEs onto their supply chain just to remain compliant was proving too much to bear, so they were looking for a solution.”

“By taking advantage of our existing supplier relationships and agile channel infrastructure, the SME Access Service has proven to be the solution the channel needs. With over 1,200 SMEs available through just one supplier relationship, many resellers have been able to continue to bid successfully for government contracts, and with over £15 million of sales to SMEs, we have been able to help many innovative companies to grow during this time as well.”


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