David Linthicum says storage must evolve to meet cloud demands

Cloud guru David Linthicum explains that the old way of doing storage is simply not good enough for the future of cloud infrastructure

Innovation in storage technology will be at the heart of cloud evolution over the coming years, says David Linthicum, one of industry’s leading visionaries.   

“Utilisation and consumption patterns are changing – we are seeing people consuming storage in different ways,” Linthicum told MicroScope at a private function in Boston.

“If you look at the storage growth and the consumption models and how they are changing in terms of the cloud, moving in this direction is going to require us to reset our thinking. This is something I don’t think many people see coming.”

Linthicum, who is SVP of Cloud Technology Partners and one of the most respected bloggers and analysts in the cloud sector, pointed out that storage was still playing catch-up with the enterprise’s vision for the cloud.

“The reality is, I don’t think we are there in terms of a lot of the storage solutions out there. They saturate at 50-70% of capacity – you have to swap them out because the seek times of the spinning disks goes up. The reliability ultimately isn’t there and so we spend time pulling these things out of the rack and repairing them,” said Linthicum.

“We can’t live with the existing processes and technology in how we do storage – it’s not economical, it doesn’t provide the price/performance that we need and it isn’t able to keep up with the data growth that we are going to see working in the cloud,” he added.

“Rethinking in terms of how we leverage these technologies becomes paramount in terms of our ability to build clouds going forward.”

The cloud guru warned storage providers that while managing cost was an important factor in the evolving landscape, it was not necessarily a race to the bottom. “It’s a race to provide the capabilities that we need to build these things into the cloud. The best technology is needed to make that happen,” he explained.

“You have to reset your expectations – the usual suspects that we have been dealing with for the past twenty years are not the right solutions. The winners are going to be the guys that are changing the mould and providing out-of-the-box thinking in terms of how we do storage, how we manage performance and how we are layering these things within cloud infrastructure.”

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