Azzurri highlights MDM opportunities as mobile productivity rises

Azzurri has found that productivity gains from allowing staff to use mobile devices are being enjoyed by customers but many are yet to sort out the security issues

Those employers continuing to resists calls by staff for allowing the use of more mobile devices are risking losing out on productivity gains and alienating people that want to work differently.

At the start of the week research from Advanced Business Solutions revealed that mid-market workers felt that BYOD had not gone far enough and they wanted more access to back office functions and this has now been followed by findings from Azzurri which indicate productivity does increase significantly as a result of providing staff with more flexibility.

Despite the ongoing fears over security and data access rights the pressure from staff to get more flexibility continues and Azzurri found that customers were starting to appreciate the productivity gains that smart phones and tablets could deliver outside the office.

Not far off a unanimous response (93%) of those businesses quizzed by Azzurri agreed that the mobile workforce had seen productivity improve and 71% suggested that there were still further efficiencies to be gained.

Rufus Grig, CTO at Azzurri Communications, said the way mobile devices were used in business had already changed, "from being for consumption to being used for creation and editing - and so are changing the way we all work"

"The form factor shift towards devices with larger screens is enabling more meaningful work to be performed. Mobile productivity suites allowing proper editing of documents have made this a reality. Very importantly, these devices must be made secure, given the data and files that are now residing on millions of devices ‘at large’," he said.

There are also indications in the firm's Mobile Productivity Survey 2014  that next year is going to see a wave of investment around unified communications, which would also incorporate the mobile devices being used by staff.

"Presence, instant messaging, web and video conferencing are all available on mobile devices and given the right connectivity, security and environment, they all have a very valuable role to play. As connectivity continues to improve, with better 4G and Wi-Fi coverage, we expect to see take-up of these services continue apace," said Grig.

From a channel perspective the Azzurri research also identified customer pain points that could use a reseller to solve the problems, including mobile security and a hit and miss approach to mobile device management.

Only 42% of those firms quizzed used MDM, although 17% were planning on rolling it out soon, which leaves a decent chunk of the customer base still waiting to make a decision.

There was also an interest in establishing security policies that detailed what would happen in the case of a breach originating from a mobile device.

“Mobile security is no longer just about remote lock and wipe. IT managers want to manage access to applications and information across their mobile fleet – from access to internal line-of-business applications, to intranets, to files and to data – and then what happens to that information once it’s on the device," added Grig.

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