Businesses facing digital leadership shortage, says new report

CSC’s Leading Edge Forum (LEF) has said that firms need to nurture digital leaders rather than rely on the IT department to make the big decisions

Large firms are facing a digital leadership crisis, according to a study from CDC’s Leading Edge Forum (LEF).

The study found that senior management teams at most large enterprises lacked the ability to make critical decisions around technology strategy and implementation.  The study pointed out that “leadership and digital leadership are becoming one and the same".

“Global business leaders see the game-changing potential of emerging technologies, but many are unsure their firms possess the digital leadership necessary for these increasingly disruptive times,” said David C Moschella, research director, CSC LEF.

The report, which surveyed 300 C-level executives and 300 IT professionals based in the U.K. and U.S,  recommended that information-intensive enterprises create a digital leadership development plan in order to ensure that companies fostered technology leaders.

“To address these challenges, traditional notions of IT leadership must also be re-imagined,” read the executive summary. “Technology decision-making can no longer be dominated by the IT department. Executives, employees and the wider customer/supplier ecosystem must also help in making fundamental decisions about the impact of technology on their firms.”

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