Tech company calls for perception change in STEM subjects

Equiniti says that if the IT skills shortage is to be addressed, STEM subjects need to be viewed with the same regard as law and architecture

IT professionals need to be viewed with the same esteem as lawyers, architects and accountants if young people are to choose technology related degrees.

That is the opinion of tech company Equiniti, which has called for a ‘perception change’ in STEM related subjects.  The financial and administrative services specialist pointed to recent research from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, which found that STEM subjects are often perceived to be geeky or boring.

“Software engineering is too often not considered to be a profession in the same way as other careers such as accountancy, teaching or architecture,” said Charlie Tuxworth, director of software and innovation at Equiniti ICS. “As this is a massive growth area across the UK we are keen to see more parents encouraging their children to look at the STEM subjects, and to consider IT related careers.”

“The IT industry is one where there are no limits to what can be achieved by people with great ideas. Not everyone is going to invent the next Google or Facebook, but as technologies and ideas move at a rapid pace, the opportunities are definitely there,” he added.

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