Channel interest in BI will drive the market

Research into the business intelligence market from Compris reveals that the channel has a key role to play in the future of the market

Business intelligence technologies will continue to provide significant revenues for vendors but further market penetration will only come if the channel shows greater interest, claims a survey from COMPRis Channel Management.

Increased demand among customers for BI is being driven by areas such as big data, a new generation of BI visualisation tools based on HTML5 and Java script, and the outsourcing of numerous enterprise functions to the cloud.

That said, the surveyed IT vendors and BI providers revealed they needed to invest in hard work over many years to support a positive development in the BI market.

The research also revealed that potential partners are planning to penetrate the market at a moderate pace given that high investment is not on the agenda.

Most BI vendors follow a hybrid software environment model where companies use a combination of installed solutions running on on-premise computers and rental based applications used online (on-demand).

The study revealed that only 9% of BI providers preferred a pure on-demand cloud-based model, while 34% were in favour of an on-premise solution. The majority of respondents (57%) considered both areas relevant.

Gerald Holler, CEO of COMPRiS Channel Management, said: “BI helps to realise performance improvements, achieve full cost reduction potential as well as process optimisation. It also improves the ability to plan future business activities."

“These are few of the key reasons why IT vendors focus on this segment. Great interest from the channel is likely to provide further market penetration," he added.

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