Reconnix exposes IT skills gap

Students are leaving college without the skills that employers are looking for with many opting for server or desktop support roles

Employers have reported difficulties in getting hold of skilled staff despite the confidence that those coming out of college have in their own technical abilities and knowledge of technology.

The gap between the views of students and those of employers has been exposed in a report from open source and cloud service provider Reconnix, which found that although efforts by the government to promote IT were attracting more people into learning there were gaps in the skills being provided.

Those gaps that employers highlighted as being problematic included web application development, internet and networking skills and the ability to deliver data analysis.

Students seemed to be drawn to support roles with many looking to get jobs helping server and desktop users and not too many were considering careers in those areas that were required by employers.

The answer appears to be to encourage a move towards more standardisation, with students and employers happy to develop skills that will be more relevant to the business.

“The UK tech sector has been one of the darlings of the UK’s economic recovery but its full potential will not be reached as long as companies face difficulty in filling key technical positions," said Pat Nice, CEO of Reconnix.

“Optimism from current students and graduates is encouraging to see following years of uncertainty, but the reality is that many are not at the level that employers need them to be at. Graduates are leaving university with a broad understanding of technology, but lacking critical skills that employers actually require. Employers need to take a more hands-on approach to help develop talent in the industry, whether this is working more closely with education establishments or directly training through apprenticeship programmes," added Nice.

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