HP's Whitman talks of 'turning a corner'

Hewlett-Packard's CEO Meg Whitman is in bullish mood claiming that the vendor has turned the corner in its efforts to get back to winning ways

HP CEO Meg Whitman was in bullish mood about the company's fortunes at HP Discover 2014 in Las Vegas, declaring to the event's attendees that the vendor had "turned the corner".

She claimed HP was "on a clear path" and had done the hard work to keep it in the lead. "The company is back on a level footing," Whitman remarked, adding it was "executing a clear and compelling strategy that will take HP into the future".

She told delegates that the vendor needed to continue to simplify how it did business, get closer to customers, eliminate bureaucracy and reduce costs. HP had "the resources of a battleship while moving like a speedboat".

Her positive comments come despite HP announcing plans for another 16,000 job cuts just over two weeks ago.

The vendor used HP Discover 2014 to inform customers and partners of developments in its enterprise, storage and networking businesses. Among the raft of announcements was a high performance computing platform (HPC) known as Apollo which HP claimed brought the power of HPC to organisations of all sizes.

The vendor also announced its all-flash 3PAR StoreServ 7450 array which it claimed delivered flash storage at under $2 per usable gigabyte via inline deduplication without compromising performance. The product also includes a five year warranty.

John Henshaw, executive vice president for technology & operations, outlined a number of instances where HP had successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of its HP on HP strategy. For example, the vendor had reduced its number of data centres from 85 to six and implementing its Moonshot server technology could enable it to reduce that number even further down to four while providing even more capacity.

Whitman argued no other company had the depth or breadth of HP and claimed it was "doubling down and innovating" at a time when other vendors were cutting back.


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