Cloud adoption continues despite recent security revelations

Even with security worries still buzzing around users are taking steps towards the cloud in ever greater numbers

Few companies have altered their cloud adoption plans following recent revelations about security vulnerabilities ranging from the Heartbleed bug to Edward Snowden’s exposure that intelligence agencies are indiscriminately scooping up huge amounts of personal data.

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The findings are the result of a snap survey carried by CipherCloud, a cloud security company, at the recent Infosecurity Europe 2104 event.  The survey was designed to gauge respondent’s attitudes to headline security events.

In terms of cloud Adoption only 11% of respondents said that recent security exposures altered their cloud adoption plans, with 56% claiming the issues had little impact on their plans.

Only 15% expressed a high level of confidence in their organisations’ level of visibility into all cloud applications in use by their employees. Unsurprisingly, 43% said their organisations had no control or insight into whether employees were putting sensitive data into the cloud.

Interestingly, a small but significant 7%t said they viewed data protection as an afterthought when moving to the cloud, though what service or applications in the cloud is not clear.  More predictably 64% said that protecting their cloud data was very important.  

Bob West, chief trust officer at CipherCloud, said that more users were starting to understand that data could not be left unprotected where ever it resided.

“Security and privacy risks have followed sensitive data into the cloud, making cloud information protection a new imperative for enterprises. It is no longer practical to leave sensitive data not protected.  The smart recourse is proactive defence with strong encryption as the fail-safe to protect data in the worst case scenario of a breach.”

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