IBM launches partner cloud marketplace at Impact conference

Big Blue claims its cloud marketplace will help partners tap into a $250bn opportunity and showcase its capabilities and ambitions as a leading cloud devotee

IBM has unveiled a new Cloud marketplace at its 2014 Impact conference in Las Vegas, offering partners a means to get their paws on software and services from IBM and third party vendors, and help resellers tap into an estimated $250bn revenue opportunity.

Big Blue claimed the launch of its Cloud marketplace marked the next major step in an unfolding strategy to build “the most comprehensive cloud portfolio for the enterprise”.

So far this year it has already ploughed billions of dollars into the cloud via the expansion of its cloud datacentre network, the launch of its middleware PaaS offering Bluemix, and an ongoing acquisition strategy.

Its marketplace will bring together such various disparate elements to serve as a self-proclaimed “digital front door” to the cloud.

"Increasingly cloud users from business, IT and development across the enterprise are looking for easy access to a wide range of services to address new business models and shifting market conditions," said Robert LeBlanc, SVP of IBM Software & Cloud Solutions.

"IBM Cloud marketplace puts big data analytics, mobile, social, commerce, integration – the full power of IBM-as-a-Service and our ecosystem – at our clients' fingertips to help them quickly deliver innovative services to their constituents.

Partners will get access to both IBM’s own IP, services and software capabilities, collaboration opportunities with peers, and the firm’s enterprise client network.

It will include the full suite of IBM-as-a-Service apps, the Bluemix platform, Softlayer IaaS and other third party services from emerging software partners such as Deep DB, Flow Search and SendGrid among many others.

Andi Gutmans, CEO of web and mobile app development services firm Zend, which is among the launch partners to have products available through the marketplace, commented: “

IBM has brought together a full suite of enterprise class cloud services and software and made these solutions simple to consume and integrate, whether you are an enterprise developer or forward looking business exec.

 “We will support the rapid delivery of our applications through the IBM Cloud marketplace, enabling millions of web and mobile developers, and many popular PHP applications to be consumed with enterprise services and service levels on the IBM Cloud,” he added.

"Most cloud marketplaces are tied to one specific product offering. If you don't use the particular service for which the marketplace was built – even if you're a customer of other products by the same company, that marketplace is irrelevant for you,” explained Jim Franklin, CEO of email services outfit SendGrid.

“But the IBM cloud marketplace will be available to all IBM and non-IBM customers. As a vendor, being able to reach all IBM customers from one place is very exciting.”

Separately, IBM also expanded the range of services available over the Bluemix PaaS offering, including cloud integration, internet of things services, data analytics and DevOps services.

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