CIF and DCA form partnership to drive cloud transparency

The Cloud Industry Forum and the Data Centre Alliance have formed a partnership to drive cloud education and standards

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has formed a partnership with the Data Centre Alliance as both outfits look to promote best practice among those in the channel that describe themselves as cloud service providers.

Both organisations have been encouraging providers to be clear in what they can deliver as well as adhering to high standards to encourage more confidence from those users that might have held doubts over taking steps into a hosted environment.

Together they will provide education to both the channel and users and push for more standards in cloud delivery with providers being encouraged to be transparent about what they were offering.

“The wide spread adoption of cloud computing has highlighted the need for a common standard that ensures transparency, capability and accountability amongst both cloud service providers and data centres – secure and efficient cloud infrastructures depend on an approach that addresses every layer. We believe that our collaboration with CIF and its Code of Practice will really bring these into play and will contribute heavily to the development of a credible and thriving IT industry," said Simon Campbell-Whyte, executive director, Data Centre Alliance.

Alex Hilton, CEO of CIF, said that it would now be looking to expand the reach of its own Code of Practice and increase its education efforts working with a partner that had a membership that worked “across a variety of product and service sectors to develop and improve the data centre sector’s adoption of best practices and standards that are needed to underpin the future of cloud computing".

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