Oracle boss claims IBM and SAP are in its sights

A strong set of third quarter financials has given Larry Ellison the chance to talk about overtaking both IBM and SAP in some of the key areas they compete against Oracle

Oracle has shown growth across both the software and hardware sides of its operations giving its CEO the chance to boast it is in pole position to overtake IBM in the high end server market and SAP in the cloud application market.

The vendor delivered third quarter numbers that includes a 4% improvement year-on-year in revenues with non-GAAP net income remaining flat at $3.1bn with both hardware and software delivering decent performances.

New software licenses and cloud subscriptions revenues climbed by 4% to $2.4bn and hardware systems improved year-on-year by 8% to $725m, which the vendor claimed would have reached 10% had it not been for a strengthening dollar.

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, said that it had managed to achieve growth on the hardware side as a result of its strategy of pre-integrating software and making the high-end products easier to deploy.

"Our engineered systems business is growing rapidly for the same fundamental reasons that our cloud applications business is growing rapidly. In both cases, customers want us to integrate the hardware and software, and make it work together so they don’t have to," he added "We believe Oracle’s engineered systems are well on their way to replacing IBM T Series as the leader in high-end computing."

When it came to discussing the software and cloud side of operations the Q3 performance gave Ellison the chance to take a pop at his favourite target and main rival: "SAP has not yet begun to rewrite their ERP, HCM and CRM applications for the cloud. This gives the opportunity to become the leader in cloud applications and replace SAP as the leader in the overall applications in the market place."

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