MTI warns vendor focus is scuppering reseller partnerships

MTI research has found that the focus on vendors is preventing some resellers from forming partnerships with other dealers

Resellers appear to be missing out on the benefits of partnering up with each other as they wait for vendors to generate leads and provide them with guidance around potential market opportunities.

According to findings from MTI the results over over-reliance on vendors means that 38% of resellers do not collaborate with each other with the majority (58%) placing vendor funded lead generation as the main priority for the next 12 months.

A third of those resellers quizzed were so focused on their vendors that they did not collaborate with fellow service providers and 7% ruled out working with a competitor completely.

Chris Roberts, head of channel at MTI, said that the focus from resellers on securing vendor partnerships was, “blinding them to the opportunities available through working with their fellow service providers".

Partnering with a services expert that can offer a wide suite of services allows resellers and service providers to offer their clients IT solutions that meet their bespoke needs as and when they decide they require it. They can do this indirectly without having to provide the service themselves and without having to devote considerable time and effort to securing vendor partnerships," he said.

The other finding from the MTI research was around the attitude from resellers towards leads with just shy of a third failing to track or register them, ranking them as the least important factor in growing a cloud business.

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