Microsoft channel chief urges cloud adoption

Microsoft's channel chief has underlined that cloud is the way for its partners to go

Microsoft's channel head has warned those partners that don't take on the cloud will see their revenue opportunities narrow and investment from the vendor will be going into the growth areas in the market.

Despite the growing evidence of the cloud taking off there continue to be some resellers that are yet to get involved with the technology and although Microsoft's corporate vice president, worldwide partner group, Phil Sorgen assured them they would still be supported he urged that minority not to miss out on growth opportunities.

He said that those resellers that had started selling cloud were acquiring customers faster and bringing on new clients, were able to add additional business on top of the initial sale and were able to establish repeatable business processes that meant they could expand more easily.

"We think there is a key opportunity and growth is happening in this category and our sales are telling us that," he added that it had to make investments around those technologies that would bring in the most revenue.

Sorgen was also sceptical about the emerging trend for resellers to decribe themselves as 'hybrid', describing their ability to be both cloud and traditional, arguing that resellers needed "to have a bold vision" and not compromise on investing in their futures.

Linda Rendleman, director partner business and development, UK small, mid-market, solutions & partners, said that it had already logged 20,000 new customers in the first half of its fiscal year in the UK that had purchased cloud products and she expected even more to come through in H2.

"The customer opportunity is there," she added "I'm not sure if this year is going to see more transformation than last but there is some momentum with our traditional channel," she said.

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