Epicor reveals ongoing love affair with PCs in the manufacturing sector

The manufacturing sector still finds laptops and PCs more inspiring tools than tablets and smart phones according to Epicor research.

The manufacturing sector is viewing technology spending as a vital way of improving their prospects but appear to have a preference for established hardware options rather than the cloud and tablets.

A report, Inspired to Make it,  from Epicor found that the manufacturing sector was keen to make technology investment in order to improve competitiveness and take advantage of an improving economy.

But the hardware preference is for PCs and laptops instead of tablets and smart phones with only 17% of the sector having embraced cloud and many acknowledging that their use of technology is fairly uninspiring.

When asked what devices they were using 28% cited a laptop, 27% a desktop PC and only 14% said their inspiration was coming via a tablet, while 17% said the smart phone was their solution of choice.

“UK manufacturers definitely have a challenge on their hands and the Inspiration Gap they’re feeling will need to be bridged through technology innovation if they are to achieve future success and carve out a strong position in the market,” said Steve Winder, vice president of manufacturing for Epicor.

“It’s compelling that almost all participants of the study are frank about change being inevitable and the drivers to this being innovation and technology. This attitude, along with the gradual increase in inspiration levels since the heart of recession, indicates that the wheels are in motion for a brighter future," he added.

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